The Lonely store experience is a concept store for the New Zealand based lingerie brand. Located in the Arts District in Downtown LA, this store is a place for women of all shapes and sizes to become inspired with body positive imagery, freedom of expression, strength, and individualism – with a cup of good coffee.

lonely brand environment-07

Lonely store front - located in the Arts District, 3rd street.


A photo gallery of girls who wear Lonely their way that inspires women to feel confident about their own shape and size. Open the photograph to choose from the exact set that inspired you.


Take a number and head your way into the changing room. In here, you can get comfy while you wait...


Tired from shopping? Stop by the Lonely coffee bar to snack and relax.

lonely brand environment_Artboard 14

Each cup of coffee comes in different shapes and sizes to emphasize the importance of the individuality of each woman.


The bar is not the only place to relax! Lounge on the sofas behind and look outside to the Arts District scene while reading magazines.

lonely brand environment_Artboard 17

Just like recieving a love letter... Leave the store feeling positive and confident about your body with a warm cup of coffee in your stomach.

lonely brand environment-06

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